Let us extend a warm welcome from the whole team at Garcia's. Thanks for visiting! We are the award-winning Florida fish restaurant bringing our own fresh catch straight to your plate.

Our philosophy is that simple is best. Great dishes, fresh from the sea, prepared and served properly in a family environment!

Fresh Stone Crabs in Miami Garcia's offers the freshest seafood in Miami. With their own fleet of fishing boats, Garcia's provides seafood fresh from the boats to your plate.

Garcia's has been in business for over 20 years which is indicative of its fresh, great tasting food.

Miami's Freshest Seafood Restaurant
Garcia's is conveniently located on the Famous Miami River. Enjoy the fresh breeze while we prepare your food fresh. It's a simple place with one focus, delicious fresh seafood!

You can find us, as ever, at our famous Miami riverside location where the freshest and most delicious seafood in the state calls home.

Over the years Miami has become a mecca for seafood enthusiasts the world over. Few things in life can compare with a delicious seafood brunch surrounded by our iconic Floridian scenery.

Fresh Seafood Platter Garcia's has received numerous awards and accolades for their food. Coined the "Best Waterfront Dining" in Miami by the Miami New Times, Garcia's is sure to please all seafood lovers.

Fresh Seafood Platter In a hurry? No problem, take our fresh seafood to go! We offer the freshest seafood in our market to take home and cook yourself.

Garcia's offers a wide selection of the day's fresh catch. Come by and pick your favorite today!

Fresh Seafood and Wine Accompaniment There is very little better than a fresh catch served up with the perfect wine accompaniment to your dish. In Garcia's we now offer a full list of white, red, moscato and champagne wines to pair your meal.

South Beach in Miami is now a thriving attraction for wine and seafood enthusiasts. Our own menu will shortly be updated with food and wine listings.